Before the appointment:

Understand why surgery has been recommended, and try to organize questions.

Do not feed your pet breakfast on the appointment day.  It is important for the stomach to be empty prior to general anesthesia.  In addition, fasting is requested before all appointments, in case labwork or sedation for any minor procedure is necessary.  Please ask Dr. Arthur or your veterinarian about recommendations if your pet is very young, weighs less than 5 pounds, or is diabetic.

Water is allowed until the appointment time.

Fill out the MVS new patient form online, if possible.  It is very important to share information about your pet’s medical conditions, such as a heart murmur, or any previous seizures or reactions to medications.

Please bring any medications that your pet is currently being given.

The appointment is time for Dr. Arthur to examine your pet, review any diagnostics like labwork and x-rays, and discuss recommendations.  Your pet needs to be at the appointment with you.

It may be possible to proceed with surgery without a formal appointment in some situations, if recommendations are clear and no additional diagnostics are necessary.